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Friday, June 19, 2015

Thank God It's Friday, Again

Fridays to most people is the day that you get your paycheck and it's right before the weekend so you have money to go shopping on your days off. But to an internet marketer, Friday is just another day, no better or worse than the other days because for internet marketers, EVERYDAY is Friday.

Most people hate Mondays because it's the first work day of the week. I absolutely love Mondays. I don't get paid for my time, I get paid for my efforts. And getting paid for effort allows me to work at my own pace. Every day I am allowed to work at my own pace. I can take breaks whenever and as long as I want. I can go shopping on any day at anytime. But I'm not much of a shopper anyway but you get my drift.

These are just some of the perks that come with internet marketing. For most people, Monday comes around and they have to be at a job they usually don't like. They work all week and they can't wait until Friday. Friday comes and everyone is happy until Monday comes back. For internet marketers, everyday is exactly the same. Everyday is Friday and we're always happy because of the freedom that we have.

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