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Friday, June 26, 2015

Quality vs. Quantity

Many people that start internet marketing make the mistake of undertaking various projects all at the same time and wondering why they're not getting the results they have hoped for. I too have made that mistake in the very beginning. Overtime I learned the importance of quality and the inconvenience of quantity.

When I first started internet marketing, I took on more than one project hoping that the big bucks would instantly roll in. I have bought product after product and spent so much time and money doing all these things at once and had nothing to show for it. The main cause for this was information overload.

I then decided to just focus on only one thing and when that happened I finally made my first sale. After that I decided to make that one project expand and that's where quality comes in. With that one project I put all my focus on, I was able to finally make money online. The keyword here is FOCUS. Believe me. It's way better to have one project doing really good instead of a few of them that is not.

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