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Thursday, January 28, 2016

How To Use Social Media To Your Advantage

Facebook and Twitter are two of the top ten biggest websites in the world. It has really changed not only how people interact but how people promote their business as well. In order to get your product out there using social media, you have to be interactive.

Join a couple of Facebook groups that are related to your niche and offer some valuable input. Follow people on Twitter that are in the same category as you are and get tips from them. There is also the benefit of receiving all that free traffic. Over time you'll gain a social following and your product will become more popular.

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Is Having a Blog Beneficial?

Some people think that blogging is a thing of the past. I remember when blogging first came out it wasn't about internet marketing. People used it like a journal to write about subjects they were interested in. Over time internet marketers started blogging to promote products and it became a huge wave. In the era of social media, is blogging still a useful tool for getting traffic? I say yes.

First of all, the traffic is all free. All you have to do is write fresh quality content and share it with your social networks. Second, the blog itself is free so I say yes, blogging is still beneficial even though it may be an old tactic.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

FACT: This system has generated more online successes than any other system to date…

It’s always refreshing to see new strategies to make money online. However, the majority of the time I’m pretty disappointed with the results.

When I was recommended to buy Google Sniper, I thought it would be another system that just left me disappointed, but the proof and success stories tipped me to buy it. A quick Google search for testimonials and by watching the sales video it was clear that this system has worked wonders for other people, and it’s actually generated the most online success stories than any other system/course to date. It was a no brainer to give it a shot personally.

At the time in my Internet marketing journey, I was pretty lost as to what road to head down. Google Sniper really outlays the basics, from picking a niche, choosing keywords, buying a domain to setting up a wordpress website which will generate passive income online. It’s an extensive guide, but it’s easy to pick up (the walkthrough videos by George help also).

I studied the strategy pretty extensively to start with, and created my first “Sniper” site the next day. I was pretty excited due to the success stories, but still had that common doubt that it would be another blowout. I made my first bit of commission two weeks later after setting up the site completely. It wasn’t a huge amount but it was something, and that was the trigger to skim through the course once more to see if I could improve my site in anyway. The site in question started to generate me a tidy amount of commission, and still generates on average $375 a month (on autopilot).

As I’ve been recommended many times before, “if something works duplicate it…” And that’s what I did. I now have about 10 sniper sites, all generating commission each month. Each site differs in the amount of money I’m making, but I can’t squabble as I’m on the hunt for more…

The best thing about this course is alongside earning a nice income each month from this system on autopilot with no traffic generation, it’s also an extensive guide into niche research, finding products to promote and how to set up your own website. Yes, it may need to be read through a few times, but believe me… It’s worth it.

Check out Google Sniper here

Is Free Traffic Really Free?

In the world of internet marketing there is always the choice between paying for traffic and getting it for free. But is it free really? Well, yes and no. You may not have to pay for it with money but in some cases you have to pay for it with time.

It takes time to write content everyday for your blog and it takes time to write articles. It also takes time to post on Facebook, tweet on Twitter and click on ads if you decide to go the traffic exchange route. So the traffic may be free but you are paying for it in one way or another.