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Saturday, August 22, 2015

Setting Up A Squeeze Page

In order to be really successful at internet marketing, you need a squeeze page and an opt-in list of subscribers. If you have a product or service you want to sell, it would be wise for you to not sell it directly. Sure you can get a sale here and there if you choose to go that route but you can reach a whole lot more people if you have subscribers.

All of the top internet marketers have been using the squeeze page method for years and it never dies out. There is a widely popular saying within the internet marketing world that the money is in the list. Set up a squeeze page where the customer can opt-in as a subscriber. They enter their name and email address and in turn they get a free report about your product. You follow up with your subscriber by email and that's when you do the selling. Plus if you have more products, you can follow up with your subscribers and promote other products.

In order to follow up with all your subscribers, you need an auto-responder service. All you need to do is write one email and the auto-responder sends the email to all of your subscribers with just one click. This method is far more better than just having a sales page that promotes your product directly. Plus everyone likes free stuff. Everyone likes free samples. Offer your customers something that's free first then you promote the sell.

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